4 Reasons Why A Chatbot and Automation Should Be Central in Your Multichannel Retailing

It is 2018. The era of artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning. As a business person in this era, adapting to the current technological trends is not an option. It is the only way to succeeding in business. Do you recall the time when you had to spend the whole night trying to determine your stock levels? The times when pen and paper were the usual tools of work in the business. Files, cashbooks, and receipts were the bookkeeping formats.

Do you think multichannel retailing could have been possible then?

Maybe your answer is No. But catalogs and personal selling were part of the businesses way of taking products to where the customers meet. One idea you can borrow from this traditional multiple selling approaches is personalization and customer interaction. While the way of doing things has changed, the customer desires remain the same. Communication and engagement are still the rules of business. For your new multichannel selling to be successful, here are four reasons why chatbots and automation are central:

Timely responses and feedbacks

Informed purchase decisions are the new principles of modern customers. In this essence, while purchasing a product on a physical or an online platform, customers will inquire about it to decide whether it is a deal or not. However, humans are weak and may sometimes be unable to offer timely feedback or responses. This will mean lost sales.

In this essence, having chatbots to interact with your prospective customers across your selling channels can save you from this situation. The chatbots have some human traits that enable them to engage with clients and offer real-time feedback. Also, they can suggest answers to the fundamental customer questions. This way, you can facilitate your transactions and enable your customers to make real-time purchase decisions. 

Boosting your online presence

While multichannel retailing enables you to take your products at the customer’s doorstep, it does not enhance your online presence. Thus, you have a duty of developing a strategy to ensure you are available when the customer needs your assistance.

Being available online across the channels is a challenge. Hence, you need to apply solutions that will help you achieve this goal.

A chatbot is one of the ideas. The chatbot can engage your customers and keep them updated through publishing content and taking part in the online conversations. Through this, you create an opportunity for your brand recognition across the channels which earns you more sales in the long run.

Enhancing customer services

With the introduction of multichannel selling as your strategy, demand for reliable customer services goes up. Customers will require immediate responses to their inquiries. However, humans are weak and cannot be able to offer consistent customer service in several channels simultaneously. With this in mind, a chatbot can make sense. As chatbot is a computer program, there is no limitation on the number of customers it can serve simultaneously. The bot can answer queries in your online store while still handling other customers on the social media as well as on your business apps. This way you enhance your customer service and take your business at a higher level.

Cost efficiency

Multichannel retailing calls for the employment of more customer service provider to handle the client queries. Also, you need back-office staffs to fulfill each order. In such a setting, human errors and mix-ups are common.

Customers get what they did not order through their channel. Some staffs may ship orders made through the business app to customers placing their orders on Amazon.  To avoid such confusion and mix-ups as well as save on cost, you can automate your back-office services. Also, you can introduce chatbots to take care of the customer services. Through this, you will save on costs. In order to properly manage your money, we suggest that you investigate more deeply about the prices offered by the different multi-channel platforms, by typing things like “Magento enterprise pricing” along with other platforms prices you will be able to compare them and choose the best service for your business. 


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