Difference between Multi Channel and Omni Channel Marketing

Omni Channel Marketing

There are various differences between multi channel and omni channel. Multi channel marketing is when firms use different platforms to interact with their customers. This could be in the form of a website, a print ad or a brick and mortar store. On the other hand omni channel is the multi channel sales approach that businesses use to provide customers with a great shopping experience. The key differences between the two are as follows:

  1. The Channel vs. The Customer

Multi channel marketing focuses on sending out a message to their customers on as many platforms as they can. This approach is mainly used to interact with as many customers as possible. Companies usually focus on using emails or social media for this marketing strategy. Omni channel on the other hand, connects every channel from a physical store to the mobile device. Here the main focus is to build a strong sense of trust between the customers and the company’s brand.

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  1. Consistency vs. Engagement

Omni channel marketing focuses mainly on the customer experience and how the company can make sure that the customer experience is consistent throughout. With this strategy, businesses can make sure that their core message is being received by their customers through every channel as well as the customer experience. A consistency throughout the brand will strengthen the trust and increase the familiarity regarding the brand. Firms use omni channel marketing so that they can show consistency among all the channels that are being used.

  1. Effort vs. Effortless

One of the main priorities of omni channel marketing is that it must figure out ways to improve the customer increase every single time. Many people do assume that the availability of many channels would mean that there is more to offer as well. However, this would be more of a multi channel approach. Omni channel marketing basically takes all sorts of data into account to improve customer experience and to see what needs to be added and eliminated.

  1. Optimization

Many firms prefer focusing solely on multi channel marketing. However now efforts are being made to work across the different kinds of channels to be more effective in their dealings with the customers. Omni channel marketing makes sure that customers completely optimize each of their channels.


Both omni channel and multi channel marketing strategies differ from one another, even though their main focus to make use of the multiple channels to engage with their customers. Companies should use up both strategies to effectively communicate with customers and increase sales.